Get more results in 2020

Grit and grind will always matter in the job search as much as having adequate hard and soft skills. But hard work in years to come will look much different as a does today. Partly due to how job seekers will market present themselves to the world long before a single employer is interested.

Many surveys including predicts half of the population will be remotely employed by 2020. This will require a significant change in the way we navigate our careers. Everyone should imagine what 2020 will look like for their career. I have, and this is what I saw as takeaways.

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Your life lessons matter in your job search

Although hardships are not a direct career accomplishment, it is part of the fiber of your career trajectory and success building blocks. Resilience is what employers will need to see more of as opportunities are more global and the work/life balance lines burr. Navigating your career becomes the “Scylla and Charybdis” because a mobile job search is not a haven everyone thinks it will be. The cost needs an assessment whether it’s lifestyle changes or career choices. It won’t be easy. Just be ready.

Compensation negotiation is constant

As you consider salary as a priority, you’ll also need to look at how much everything else means to you in your negotiation package. Healthcare packages become more costly and on the fringes of unaffordable for the long term. Packages will change during the duration of one employment stint, not just from employment to employment. Pensions and social security will have changed.Are you still thinking about saving for retirement? You’ll need to modify the way you think of retirement? It will be a luxury if you can.


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A clear career trajectory ten years ahead will be rare if not impossible

Technology shifts are impossible to predict five or ten years down the line. Everything is about automation through robotics or virtualization. Time and productivity for everything are measured, so unless you can prove you can do things quicker, better, and faster, it will be harder to compete for technology careers. You will need to show it before you can consider being competitive in the market.

Your network is your job search navigation

Those who are vigilant and connected to their networks discover jobs more seamlessly than ever. Social proof is the norm rather than the exception. There is a clear difference between an active network and a weak one based on the relevance of your connections, and their connections. Not only your direct connections matter but also 2nd-degree connections matter more.

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Your team will matter more than your boss

We’ve seen the rise in teams interviewing job candidates. In 2020, a candidate enthusiasm for working at a company based on his or her projected team. Remote work as a norm will promote team branding and the entrepreneurial spirit.